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How it all began...


After ownership of Old English Sheepdogs entered in 2004 into my life my very first Pyrenean mountain dog Falco. Falco was born in Czech kennel, he possessed a gently and calm character, so became a part of our family very easily. I’ve become an enthusiastic fan of beautiful and royal breed, because the patou isn’t only extraordinary magnificent creature, these breed has been also endowed with absolutely exceptional and gentle character. There is no other breed to compare with patou in the dog world!




But only one pyr wasn’t for me enough, so I’ve decided to buy a Pyrenean girl, but in fact, it wasn’t really easy to find, what I was looking for. After a long studies of breed history and genealogy my conception of patou has been determined; I need that rustic, strong boned “dans le vieux type” (strong bones and front, excellent angulations, typical head and expression, calm, gentle and self-confident character, etc.).

Finally I had found what I was looking for. The rustic and strong boned „old type” patou in Spain.

The breeders from Spanish kennel De Alba de los Danzantes were going to have a litter from an outstanding combination (sire French and Spanish Champion Biados x Dam Cotiella, daughter of Noustamic du Neouvielle), I’ve been waiting for my puppy for almost one year. Our sweet little Spanish girl Kora “Huesca” arrived in 2009 and she was very lively, cheery, happy, self-confident and exceptionally beautiful. Huesca was rustic, strong boned; she had a perfect body structure with excellent front and angulations, nice head and expression, gorgeous pigmentation, very long and thick coat. Her movement was outstanding. And about her arroundera – I had just to say - Wow!

Huesca has gained most of her titles at a very young age (first BOB as Junior) and she is a "Dancing Queen" in all respects in the show ring and out.She is doing very well in the show ring and she has easily become Champion of many countries.

Hola! My sweet little Spanish princess Huesca

Huesca as puppy

Huesca and her breeder Nieves - France 2013

Huesca and Nieves, France 2014


Huesca was bred to the outstanding Wanu (Covermount Big Block), a very typical pyrenean male from Scandinavia (mixed French-Finnish bloodlines) in 2013; the puppies were born in January 2014. We haven’t planned to keep more than one puppy from the litter, nevertheless not only one girl, but also a boy had stayed at home, because this boy was a really very promising and exceptional puppy.

Our kids have grown up very quickly and what’s the most important thing – they both are healthy, free of hip dysplasia (both are HD A).


Arán and Alba
Alba and Andorra (living in Finland)

Hot summer days 2014


Our philosophy

Our patous share with us our life, they have anytime free access into house, they are not kept in pens or cage. We love our patous; they are a very important part of our life.

Travelling with patous? No problem! wink

 France, St. Tropez

Austria 2014

Pyrenees, France 2014

Croatia 2015

Well behaving pyrs in the restaurantsmile


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